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Waspinator - Wasp Deterrent

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Use this highly – effective, eco-friendly and simple to use visual deterrent if you would like some help in getting rid of the pesky wasps without killing or hurting them and without using any chemicals or poisons. Waspinator does not affect the environment and the fragile garden’s ecosystem - the wasps just stay away leaving the bees to perform their important jobs in the garden.
Wasps also perform all sorts of important tasks in the gardens and wider environment. They feed their young on aphids, caterpillars and many other garden pests, also they help in pollination. By using the waspinator as a deterrent and NOT a trap, we are helping the environment to remain unaffected.
Waspinator utilises wasps’ natural territorial instincts. Foraging wasps know to keep away from the nest of another colony as they will get killed by the defenders if they get too close. (usually 6 – 7m).
Waspinator will also stop emerging from hibernation Queens from building their nest in close proximity to the existing nest. When the Queen sees waspinator she will build her new nest elsewhere. We advise to leave the waspinator in position all year round.
There is no cleaning, no maintenance involved. Simply fill the waspinator with single newspaper pagers, bubble wrap, plastic bags etc. and hang it by the loop from a tree, garden parasol, garage and everywhere you find wasps unmanageable. Take it on picnics, on holiday, camping or caravanning, to the beach.
Please note: For the waspinator to work near the existing nest, the nest needs to be dealt with first.

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