Cucumber Plants

Cucumber Plants

Cucumbers are a rewarding crop to grow for bountiful supply through the summer months.  Once you start picking delicious and refreshing fruits, the plants will keep producing more.  homegrown cucumbers provide a much more delightful flavour and texture compared to anything you can by in the supermarkets.

when buying Cucumber plants it is important to note which varieties are best for indoor and outdoor and what space you have available.  

Greenhouse/Indoor Varieties: About three weeks after your cucumber plants arrive they will be ready for planting out in a greenhouse, conservatory or polytunnel into 25cm (10in) pots or into grow bags (2 to a bag). 

Outdoor Varieties:  Cucumber plants grow best in a sunny site where the soil is well-drained. Ideally use ground that was dug manured and if necessary limed in the previous autumn or early winter.  Space cucumber plants approximately 30cm (12in) apart in rows 45cm (18in) apart. After planting give them a thorough watering to settle them in.

Grafted plants: Although these plants require similar growing conditions to those mentioned above it is worth noting that your grafted cucumber plants can be planted directly into their final location. It is recommended that grafted cucumber plants are not grown outdoors. So for best results plant them into a greenhouse border after it has been prepared by digging in plenty of organic material. If growing in containers the minimum size pot that is suitable is a 12 litre and if using a grow bag, plant a maximum of two plants per bag.