Flower Bulbs

Flower Bulbs

Bulbs are the perfect way to create splashes of colour throughout the garden and they are perfect for planting into patio pots and window boxes. Easy to grow and care for, they will bloom with the minimum of attention and are great for cutting too. We have trialled and tested all of the bulbs we sell and work closely with our growers to ensure we offer the very best, top-sized bulbs available to produce a wonderful show. 

Planting Bulbs

If not planted at once, store bulbs in a cool, dry place until planting time.

While successful in a very wide range of soils, most bulbs are intolerant of poor drainage so, if your soil is heavy, also dig in plenty of sharp sand or horticultural grit. For planting in containers, use general purpose compost unless otherwise stated. Bulbs are usually most effective when planted in groups.

Always plant bulbs and corms with the pointed growing tip facing upwards. If unsure, face any hair like roots downwards.

CAUTION: Do not eat any of these bulbs and keep out of reach of children.