Salad Potato Seeds

Salad Potato Seeds

Grow your own fresh, tasty salad potatoes with D.T. Brown Seeds’ high-quality salad potato seeds. Our fantastic range includes all of the best waxy seed potatoes for making delicious potato salads at home. Choose from many popular cultivars, from the RHS award-winning Charlotte to the beautiful red-skinned Java.  

With tender skins and firm, flavourful flesh, our salad potato seeds are excellent served cold in a dressing or warm with butter. They also hold their shape well for slicing, making them the perfect choice for sautéed potatoes – beautiful with rosemary and a sprinkle of chunky sea salt. You’ll find many easy-to-grow varieties of seed potatoes below.

Grow Your Own Delicious Salad Potatoes

Salad potato seeds produce small, waxy-skinned potatoes with firm flesh that doesn’t fall apart easily when cooked. They’re excellent for salads and other dishes that require the potatoes to hold their shape. 

There are many first early seed potatoes and maincrop seed potatoes that make great salad varieties. Plant chitted tubers from March to May, depending on the cultivar. Second cropping seed potatoes, like the popular Charlotte, should be ready to harvest in early summer for your fresh potato salads. Maincrop salad potato seeds, like the deliciously earthy Pink Fir Apple, have longer storage potential for enjoying later in the year.

Compact and easy to grow, salad potato seeds are perfect for planting in pots or bags on the patio. In the ground, they require just a small vegetable plot.

Order Your Salad Potato Seeds Today

At D.T. Brown Seeds, we have been selling plants and vegetable seeds to UK home gardeners for over a century. We are committed to offering the highest quality products at the best prices. All of our seed potatoes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can shop with confidence.

To give them the best possible start in your garden, your salad potato seeds will be dispatched at their optimum time for planting. Place your order today with D.T. Brown Seeds and start your very own farm-to-fork journey.