Late Despatch Plants

Vegetable plants are the perfect choice if you don’t have the time or facilities to grow lots of different varieties from seed. They are also useful for replacing plants lost to the weather or pests and diseases.

We take a lot of care and attention when reviewing our range to ensure we only offer varieties we’ve trialled ourselves and can be certain that D.T. Brown customers will get the best results.

Out range of veg plants continues to increase as more and more customers let us do the hard work for them. Our plants are nursery grown, under specialist conditions, by expert plantsmen and once ready are hand graded, wrapped, packed and sent to our customers in tip-top condition.

We have also added extra despatch dates to help you plug any gaps in your plot and receive the plants at a time that suits. Please see our early and late despatch date options.

How to grow our Veg Plants

Sending plants by post may cause them a little stress, so unpack them immediately and if dry, stand them for a few minutes in about 2 ½cm/1in of water, until the compost is fully moist again. You may notice a slight yellowing of the foliage or that they look a little drawn but this is quite natural after they have been in a dark box and is nothing to be worried about, they will soon recover.