Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet peas are one of the country's favourite flowers, and it's not surprising given their amazing colour range and delightful scent. At D.T. Brown Seeds, we offer an extensive selection of sweet pea seeds, perfect for filling your garden with sweet-smelling summer blooms. Choose from classic climbing varieties, perfect for adorning trellises and nets, to dwarf sweet peas that grow beautifully in pots and garden borders.

Our range of sweet pea flower seeds includes stunning mixes featuring bicolours, flakes, picotee edging, and marbles, as well as single-coloured flowers. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles, you'll find the ideal sweet pea seeds to bring charm and fragrance to your garden.

Growing Sweet Peas from Seed

Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) have been cherished by UK gardeners for generations. These hardy annuals boast delicate, butterfly-like blooms in a rich range of colours, from soft pastels to vivid jewel tones. As well as adding visual charm, most varieties are beautifully fragrant, with a heady, floral scent somewhat similar to honeysuckle or hyacinth. 

Whether adorning trellises, patio pots, or cottage gardens, sweet peas are a timeless favourite – and they’re great for attracting pollinators. Long-stemmed sweet peas are also ideal for cutting, bringing their heavenly scent indoors.

Sweet peas are remarkably easy to grow from seed, thriving in full sun with well-drained soil. Sow in autumn or spring for a spectacular summer display, and cut dead flowers regularly to prolong the flowering period. We also offer a range of sweet pea plants.

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At D.T. Brown Seeds, we are passionate about helping UK gardeners create beautiful, thriving gardens. All of our sweet pea seeds are carefully selected and tested to ensure high germination rates – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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