Organic Vegetable Seeds

Growing organically is becoming more and more popular with our customers. Although our standard seed range doesn't contain treated or genetically modified varieties, seed can only be certified as ""Organic"" if it meets very specific criteria, as defined by EU regulations.

Only some of our seed falls within this criteria, allowing it to legally be labelled as organic. We work closely with the Organic Farmers and Growers Association (OF&G), one of the UK's leading organic certifiers, who is committed to upholding the strict requirements of the legislation.</p><p>You can trust that when indicated, our seed is genuinely organic.

Requirements For Organic Certification

✔ Mother plants not subjected to synthetic chemicals.

✔ Mother plants not genetically modified in any way.

✔ Land used to grow the mother plants has been free from prohibited chemicals for a number of years.

✔ Strict physical separation of organic seed from noncertified seed.

✔ Detailed record keeping and regular on-site inspections by OF&G.