Cherry Tomato Seeds

You really cannot beat the sweet, intense flavour of a cherry tomato! Eaten straight from the vine the sweet and tangy flavour is wonderful (much better than those found at the supermarket!) and in our opinion a true highlight of the growing season. We highly recommend growing a few different varieties of cherry tomatoes to add a whole host of flavours to your kitchen- plus the varying colours, sizes and flavours add great interest to the salad bowl!

Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow, so you certainly will not regret making space for a few plants which will reward you with flavoursome bite-size fruits all season. The plants do well in a sunny, sheltered spot and if space is limited look for bushy cultivators that will do well in pots, baskets or growbags.

The fruits make a great addition to children’s lunchboxes, fresh summer salads, pasta dishes, risottos, and a whole host of other dishes. Customer favourite varieties include: 
Sungold F1 & Sweet Million F1 which are both high yielding varieties with superb colour and excellent flavour.

For space savvy gardeners’ varieties such as Losetto F1 and Cherry Falls have a gentle cascading growth habit making them a great choice for growing in containers and even hanging baskets.