Waxy Potatoes

Waxy Potatoes

Grow your own firm, flavourful potatoes with our fantastic range of high-quality waxy seed potatoes. Waxy potatoes are known for their thin, tender skins and smooth, dense flesh that holds its shape beautifully when cooked. Perfect for boiling, roasting in their skins, or serving cold in salads, they’re a staple in any vegetable patch or allotment.

Home-grown waxy potatoes boast a rich, complex flavour that supermarket varieties just can’t compare to. At D.T. Brown Seeds, we offer an excellent selection of easy-to-grow waxy seed potatoes, so you can enjoy these delightful spuds fresh from your own garden. You’ll find all of our most popular seed potato varieties below, from the beloved Maris Peer to the distinctive Pink Fir Apple.

Explore Our Delicious Waxy Potatoes

Waxy seed potatoes have a higher moisture content and less starch than their floury counterparts. This gives them a firm, creamy texture and satisfying bite. Unlike floury seed potatoes, which tend to fall apart, waxy varieties are ideal for recipes that require the potato to hold together when cooked. They make wonderful homemade potato salads and are also excellent sautéed, slow-cooked in stews, or simply boiled with butter. 

Most of our early seed potatoes, such as Rocket, Nicola and Duke of York, are waxy in texture. Small and very flavourful, these tender beauties are best enjoyed freshly dug as new potatoes. However, you can also find waxymaincrop seed potato varieties that produce bigger tubers, such as the Cara. These work well in dishes requiring large slices, like gratins.

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At D.T. Brown Seeds, we have been selling plants and seeds to UK home gardeners for over a century. From salad seed potatoes to fluffy mashing varieties, all of our potatoes are hand-selected for quality and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To give them the best start in your garden, your waxy seed potatoes will be despatched at their optimum time for planting. Order today and savour the unbeatable taste of home-grown potatoes.