Misted Tip Strawberry Plants

If you want to harvest an early, bumper crop of strawberries next season then you should choose our ‘misted tip’ strawberry plants. Our top quality plants are produced by taking early, un-rooted runner tips from specially selected and disease free mother plants. These are then individually grown on in a carefully controlled mist propagation unit until established enough for despatch- Hence the name 'Misted Tip'.

This technique is used by most commercial growers and results in very stocky and powerful plants with a big root system that, when planted, will form a large enough crown for flower initiation during the autumn. The good news is that these plants are now available to the home gardener.

These larger, more developed plants will fruit earlier and more prolifically in the first season, giving you an early, bumper harvest- producing up to 100% more fruit in the first year, compared to planting bare root strawberry runners. We’ve trialled autumn planted runners against misted tip plants and can definitely confirm this to be true!