Skelly Trays with Jiffy Pots and Replacement Jiffy Pots

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This pack contains three Skelly Trays with 36 x 8.5cm Jiffy Pots PLUS 36 Replacements Jiffy Pots
Skelly Tray growing system used with any biodegradable pots ends the need for single use plastic pots.

Skelly trays are both re-usable and recyclable, they can be used year after year with only the jiffy pots that require replacement. The design allows the biodegradable pots to breathe whilst maintaining air and water porosity around the plant roots, giving them longevity, whilst also improving quality of growth. The plants grow more evenly and more healthily than those in plastic containers. Pots can use capillary matting whilst in tray.

The growing plants can be planted together with the biodegradable pots, so no root disturbance whilst planting and more importantly nothing goes to the landfill

Skelly Trays have won the Award for the Best Professional Equipment at the 2018 Four Oaks Trade Show.

One skelly tray has a 12 pot capacity, it will take any 8.5cm biodegradable pots but Jiffy pots are recommended: 
 Size of one tray:  42 x 27 x 8cm/16.5 x 10.5 x 3in 

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