ROOT!T 26w LED Grow Light & Stand Kit Single

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1 Light, 1 Stand

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This kit is ideal for propagation of the vegetative stage of small plants. The ROOT!T 26W LED Grow Light has a colour temperature of 6500K, and a light spread to cover most standard-sized propagation trays. Plug-and-play, the ROOT!T LED Grow Light has an integral power lead. The Grow Light comes with clips to attach it to the ROOT!T LED Light Stand, which can be adjusted to three heights to position the Grow Light suitably to light young plants in a propagation tray. Simple to assemble, the stand is also easy to clean and disassemble if required for storage. Made from durable aluminium, it will serve you for many years Key features

- Light Output PPF 57µmol/s

- Colour temperature 6500K

- Very economical – 26W

- Lightweight, height-adjustable stand

- Ideal lighting set-up for a standard propagation tray

- Overall Length: 60cm, Overall Width: 20.5cm, Overall Height: 38cm

- Voltage 220 – 240V

- Frequency 50Hz

- IP Rating IP44

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