Remin Volcanic Rock Dust 10kg

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Organically approved soil and compost remineraliser ads essential minerals and trace elements to help grow healthy plants, invigorate composting and as a tonic for wormeries. Improves health, yield, vigour, flavour and pest resistance for vegetables, flowers, fruit, grass and young trees.
Contains the following naturally occurring:
Macro elements-Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphur, Chlorine, Silicon.
Micro elements-Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, Selenium, Chromium, Cobalt, Boron.
Minerals and trace elements are the smallest of soil and compost’s five components. They make up a tiny percentage of each harvest yet most plant foods only replace a few of these, in limited amounts.

Volcanic soil, ie soil close to a volcano, is often very fertile. This is because of the rich supply of minerals and trace elements in the volcanic rock. Over millennia it is ground down and spread by glaciers. Adding REMIN volcanic rock dust is like DIY glaciation ie it puts natural goodness back into the soil.

This is soil’s second smallest component. In 350BC when Aristotle told us “worms are the intestines of soil” he knew what he was talking about. Instead of boosting, many synthetic fertilisers damage soil micro fauna.

Adding REMIN volcanic rock dust to a wormery soon shows the worms love it! In the same way it energises soil and compost micro fauna and helps them break down the minerals and trace elements both in the REMIN volcanic rock dust itself and those already inherent in soil.


Spread at any time of year unless frozen or windy conditions. Minimum: 0.5kg/m² (good handful/square yard)
Booster: 2kg/m²

Mix well through with compost/soil at 2kg per 50ltr of compost.

Pots, tubs, baskets
Sprinkle level tablespoonful onto 15cm/6inch surface diameter of compost or soil and water in as usual. Two applications per year.

Watering in
Put 1cm in e.g. empty 2ltr milk container, fill with water. Shake, let settle and water. Refill. Lasts as long as water darkens. Do not over water!

Application to wormeries
Sprinkle small handful per 30cm²/1ft² onto surface of your wormery every month. Try a small area with this amount and see the worms congregate.

Application for compost
Each time you add a new layer of compost to your compost bin or pile, add a light covering over the surface that you can easily see through. Helps gardening material break down into compost faster, reach a higher temperature and reduce odours.

Storage and safety
Store under cover. Do not apply in windy conditions.

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