Perlite - Compost Improver 10ltr

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10ltr bag

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Micro-porous granules that increase water and nutrient retention in compost. Can be used alone as a seed starting medium. Mix with compost to improve water and nutrient holding capacity. Mix with soil when planting out to help hold water and nutrients close to the root system.

Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock which, when heated to super high temperatures, produces incredibly lightweight, micro-porous granules. When mixed with compost, these granules hold water and nutrients and also improve aeration and drainage in the compost, creating a healthier growing environment and stimulating root development and growth.

Can be used alone as a seed starting medium. Its structure maintains uniform moisture and temperature levels and its bright white colour provides protection against bright sunlight and high radiant energy. The white colour also reflects light up under the foliage which encourages growth.

When seedlings and cuttings are established they should be re-potted using Multi-Purpose Compost with added Perlite at a rate of 25%. That will create a light and very open structure. This will provide the perfect growing environment for the establishment of young plants by improving aeration, drainage and insulation.

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