Mini Pop-Up Net Cage

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L0.5m x W0.5m x H0.5m

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Our Mini Net Pop-Up Fruit Cages are perfect for growing plants and protecting them against pest attack. These 0.5m cubes assemble in seconds – simply pop them out of their bag (25cm/10in x 25cm/10in x 4cm/2in) and can be folded away and stored for maximum convenience. There really is no easier way to protect your crops, plants, and flowers.

Comes complete with securing pegs and instructions.

Cloche Size: L 0.5m/20in x W 0.5m/20in x H 0.5m high/20in

• Assembles instantly, no tools needed
• Pops away in a small bag for easy storage
• Keeps out birds, butterflies & other garden pests
• Ideal protection for individual plants
• Includes ground pegs and space-saving storage bag

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