Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier

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1 pack of 2 Micromesh Barriers (8m/26ft long in total)

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We were really impressed by this pest and wind barrier and found it easy to assemble and use. The ultra-fine Micromesh fabric is fine, but strong and offers us gardeners' protection from carrot fly and other low-flying insects, as well as chickens, rodents, and cats. We've also found it handy and effective to use as a windbreak. Each barrier is 4m (13ft) long, 70cm/2.30ft tall.
Bamboo canes included. Green tint provides shading and retains moisture.
The Benefits
- Allows sunlight, watering and easy access to crops
- Vital for growing healthy crops of brassicas, carrots, celery, parsley and celeriac
- Protects up to 4m2
- Adaptable to surround various plot shape.

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