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Long Cropping Strawberry Plant Collection

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30 A+ Grade Runners

Fragaria x ananassa

From 15th May 2024

The perfect strawberry runner collection to extend your strawberry picking. The collection contains 10 runners each of the below varieties:

Strawberry Malling Centenary (Extra Early) - Bred to mark the 100th anniversary of the leading East Malling Research Station in Kent, this variety has a superb flavour with uniform and glossy, bright red, conical shaped fruit which is well displayed on the plant, making picking quick and easy. Fruiting from early to late June (earlier if grown under cloches).

Strawberry Elegance (Mid-Season) - Expect exceptional fruit quality with strawberry Elegance. When we saw Elegance in trial the other summer we were taken aback with the large number of heavy fruited trusses on strong disease resistant, upright plants. Elegances attractive fruit has strong skin, firm flesh and a magnificent flavour.

Strawberry Malwina (Late Season) - Malwina is probably the latest strawberry worth growing in our home gardens. Malwina's fruits are a very bright red and what's more the flesh is very red too - much stronger in colour than many other varieties. Malwina's large fruits are full of flavour and will crop through to the end of July. Strawberry Malwina is also resistant to many strawberry diseases.

Delivered as dormant bare rooted A+ grade plants.

A+ grade plants are grown through the summer months and covered with fleece in the beginning for added protection – only plants with a 15mm+ diameter size fall into this grade. The bare roots can be planted out as long as the ground is not frozen down to root level. They are characterised by having very well developed root systems and, on average, will go on to produce 3-4 trusses per plant which in turn will help to generate more flowers and fruit – 400g+ of berries per plant! We trialled A+ grade plants against standard runners in our trials and were very impressed with the results – around 50% more berries were harvested from the A+ grade plants!

Planting & Harvesting

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