Liquid Strawberry Soil Fertiliser

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1ltr Bottle

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Get the best from your crop with this concentrated 100% organic fertiliser developed for strawberries, but also suitable for other soft fruit. High in potash it provides a steady supply of naturally occurring nutrients and trace elements to encourage strong and healthy plants and bumper crops. Ideal for use in strawberry tubs.

Makes approx 250 litres of feed. Dilute 1 capful in 5 litres of water.

N:P:K 4:2:6

For Use In Bags and Tubs

Feed weekly from planting out. 1ltr of diluted feed per bag, increase to 4.5ltr per week after first fruits have set. For under cover tubs and bags increase to twice a week after the fruits have set.

Outdoor Strawberries

Apply 2ltr of diluted feed per plant every 14 days, rising to once every 7 days after the fruits have set.

Strawberries grown under cover

When fruits have set apply 2ltrof diluted feed per plant every 7 days.

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