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Allium porrum

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Grow our two varieties of leeks for up to eight months' supply of this delicious and versatile vegetable. Both Autora F1 and Porbella will stand in good condition for many weeks, needing only to be lifted as required. They are outstanding varieties, which we thoroughly recommend. Why not order an extra pack to lift young in summer as extra succulent and tasty baby leeks?
This collection contains 40 plants, 20 each of the following varieties:

Autora F1 - Perfect for picking as baby leeks from late August but this variety will also stand perfectly in the ground until the end of the year with no bulbing. Highly productive and uniform, this outstanding new F1 hybrid also has the excellent flavour we all look for. Especially bred to have a good resistance to rust.

Porbella - Remarkable for its heavy yields of very upright shanks which can be lifted from late October right through to early March. With a fine flavour its no wonder this variety was awarded an AGM! Stands in good condition for months and shows good resistance to rust.

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J Valentine
My leeks arrived when expected and are growing well in the border.

Leeks arrived in good condition and are growing well in the border. hopefully the weather will settle down and they will flourish.


Good leek plants and are all planted up ! As usual, the quality of D T Brown's planted of finest quality!