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Exhibition Onion Veg Plant Collection

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60 Plants, 20 Of Each Variety

Allium cepa

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You can be confident of show bench success with these onion plants, they are fast becoming a ‘must have’ for anyone wishing to exhibit at local shows through to National Championships. Our unique Exhibition Onion Plant collection comprises of 3 varieties which all have excellent showbench qualities.

Individually modular grown to minimise root disturbance, we nurture them over winter and manage all stages of production for you. At the transplanting stage (around the middle of April), they are carefully hand packed, wrapped and delivered to you for immediate planting. You’ll also receive a growing guide to help you get the best possible results.

The collection consists of 60 module grown plants, 20 each of:

Onion Kelsae - In show circles, The Kelsae has a reputation that is second to none. The first choice of growers who wish to exhibit huge onions, and a regular winner in NVS classes. Unlike many other large onion varieties, the Kelsae has a wonderful sweet flavour and is therefore perfect for the kitchen too.

Onion Tough Ball F1 - Tough Ball is the mainstay of the <250g onion class at shows throughout the country. As well as being the preferred choice of exhibition growers, it is a very tasty variety producing incredibly uniform onions with a strong skin and crisp firm flesh. High yielding and resistant to bolting.

Onion Fasto F1- An early maturing onion that has a single centre to ensure a much rounder bulb – perfect for the showbench. With good vigour throughout the season this high quality variety produces uniform bulbs with silky skins and a golden yellow colour, lovely flavour and a good crunch. Excellent storage ensures you will have onions throughout the winter too.

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