Darlac Standard Ratchet Secateurs

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A Standard Ratchet Secateur. Cuts up to 20mm branch with ridiculous ease. The ratchet action multiplies the power you use as the toggle advances the blade progressively through the branch. It is emphasised that only light pressure is required. The carbon steel blade has a knife edge and is coated to ease friction and give a high degree of rust resistance. The ratchet secateur has to be the easiest you will ever use, and whilst suitable for all gardeners, it is essential for anyone who cannot grip strongly. Suitable for right and left handed use.

Blade dimension 5cm, Cut capacity 20mm, Measurement: Height 18cm, Width 7cm, Depth 2.5cm, Weight 112g

Maintenance: Clean, sharpen and oil.

For comprehensive care and garden secateur maintenance advice, check out the Darlac "A Pruner for Life" guide here.

Ratchet: Consists of a bar with a set of angled teeth in which a tooth engages, allowing blade motion in one direction only with a series of movements used rather than a single cut. Good for mobility issues.

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