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Bumper Garlic Bulb Collection

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6 x 2 Bulbs

Allium sativum, Allium sativum ophioscorodon

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This Super Saver Bumper Garlic Collection consists of 6 packs:

(2 bulbs per pack) 1 pack each of Czechmate, Kingsland Wight, Mersley Wight, Solent Wight and 2 packs of Provence Wight all for just £19.95

This collection not only gives you an extra early harvest, up to 4 weeks earlier than spring planted varieties, but also a continuous crop from late May through to August, and a considerable SAVING of £21.75 on individual pack pricing!

This collection consists of:

Provence Wight – Our top selling variety! A really large, white softneck garlic which can produce, in a good growing season, bulbs that are of a similar size to Elephant Garlic! The cloves are fat and juicy.

Czechmate - A D.T. Brown Exclusive... Czechmate is an exotic hardneck garlic originating from Moravia in the Czech Republic. It develops a glazed purple skin which thinly veils a beautifully striped purple bulb underneath, containing perfectly formed large, plump purple cloves packed tightly around a hardneck stem. Hot and spicy, it delivers a stronger flavour than most other UK garlics and has pronounced heat which is excellent for creating full flavoured dishes, an essential ingredient for Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Kingsland Wight - One of the finest new garlics we have found for a while and is certainly worthy of its royal name! This beautiful garlic is a white skinned hardneck with stunning plump pink cloves – reminiscent of the historical Rose de Lautrec, held by French gourmands to be France’s finest garlic.

Mersley Wight - Mersley Farm in the Isle of Wight is the 'home of garlic' and this is the first variety that carries its name! Though originating from the Auvergne region in central France across to the volcanic drome in northern Provence, Mersley Wight has proved to be a great variety for the UK gardener with larger cloves and an outstanding vigour, better than many other softnecks.

Solent Wight - The best keeping garlic we know, the bulbs can last as long as the following March after lifting them in July. This superb, softneck strain yields large, high quality bulbs with a fragrance which is both long and strong.

We may have seen the first frosts in our gardens but there’s still plenty of time to plant garlic in your plots – after all, the traditional gardeners among us still often plant on the shortest day (21st Dec) and harvest on the longest day (21st June)! Whether you’ve forgotten to buy your garlic this autumn or simply haven’t yet had the time as the weeks have flown by, you can now take advantage of our fabulous offer!

A bit too many for just you to eat? – then take advantage of this super offer and share with your neighbour or friends.

All of our bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

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