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Keep you plot in tip-top condition with D.T. Browns Plant tonic. This fantastic deal allows you SAVE 30% on individual bottle pricing and is perfect for splitting between your friends, family and fellow plot holders.

Biostimulant - Promotes healthier plant growth and stronger cell structures, improving plant defence performance.

A skilful combination of natural bio-fertilisers, concentrated seaweed and yucca extracts and chitosan, sure to give healthier soil and stronger plants from the roots up.

Of great benefit to all vegetables, fruit and flowers, this is proven to Increase flowering, crop vitality and yields, Enhance seed germination and root development, Promote plant nutrient uptake for better drought and frost tolerance. Improve soil fertility and healthy microbial activity.

This Invigorating biostimulant is a blend of three miracle, natural ingredients each with specific properties important for healthy plant growth, together with selected probiotic microbes:

  • Seaweed Extract: A proven soil enricher providing nitrogen, phosphate and magnesium which is most often missing from garden soil, manure and compost. Fortified with a full complement of additional micronutrients and trace elements.
  • Yucca Extract:Health giving properties which spread and bond micronutrients and trace elements over the leaf surface, splendidly enhancing plant uptake. Also acts as a barrier against certain repulsive microbes and insects, greatly improving plant tolerance.
  • Chitosan: Improves photosynthesis, promotes and boosts plant growth, stimulating nutrient uptake, increasing seed germination and crop yields. Improved plant health ensures greater defence responses.

D.T. Brown's Plant Tonic has a significantly positive effect on reducing pests and disease by triggering natural plants defence mechanisms.

The Benefits:

    Rapid, healthy root and plant development,
  • Increases crop vitality and yield.
  • Increases healthy soil bacteria creating symbiotic relationships with plants, aiding nitrogen fixation and improving phosphorous uptake.
  • Promotes healthy plants and stronger cell structures.
  • Improves plant defence mechanism
  • Produces stronger plants with larger root masses, with more uniform and higher yielding crops.
  • Increases tolerance to heat, drought frost and erratic watering.
  • Improved seed germination rates and root development.
  • Reduces the need for pesticide applications
  • Enhances performance used as a supplement to existing fertiliser regimes

D.T. Brown’s Plant Tonic No. 8 is suitable for a host of uses including as a root drench, seed soak, on indoor and outdoor crops, and for foliar application on vegetables, fruit, and flowers.

Each 1 litre bottle makes up to 250 litres, suitable for up to 6,250sqm (at 40ml (2 capfuls) per 10 litres).

Mixing directions and dosage:
Shake well before use. Suitable for sprayer and water can application.
Pre-Sowing & Planting
60ml (per 10ltr watering can), Apply liberally by sprayer or can. Covers 25sqm/270sqft
Transplanting Root Drench
60ml (per 10ltr watering can), Dip roots in solution until fully wet, immediately prior to planting. Use excess to water in.
Foliar Application - Greenhouse crops
20ml (per 10ltr watering can), Most effective sprayed on to the undersides of leaves in the evening. Covers 15sqm/160sqft. Every 1-2 weeks.
Outdoor Application - Vegetables and Flowers
40ml (per 10ltr watering can), Apply by sprayer or watering can. Most effective sprayed on leaves in the evening. Covers 25sqm/270sqft. Every 1-2 weeks.
Fruit Plants
40ml (per 10ltr watering can), Growing season - Apply by sprayer or watering can. Most effective sprayed on to the undersides of leaves in the evening. Covers 25sqm/270sqft. Every 2-4 weeks.
Fruit Bushes and Trees
20ml (per 10ltr watering can), Growing season - Apply liberally around root zone early spring. Covers 25sqm/270sqft. Every 2-4 weeks.
20ml (per 10ltr watering can), Growing season - Apply liberally by sprayer or watering can. Covers 25sqm/270sqft. Every 4 weeks.

Seed soak – the sure-fire way to get your seed off to a flying start. Dilute 5ml (1tsp) in 1 ltr of water. Soak seeds for 6 hours.

Can be used with other soluble fertilisers. Try it for enhancing the performance of your preferred fertiliser. Add 20ml per 10ltr of diluted soluble fertiliser.

Important: Not to be taken and not to be used on children or animals. Keep out of reach of children and animals. May irritate skin and eyes. Wash hands after use. Wash all edible plants before eating. Non-toxic.

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