Biodegradable Plant Protection Mats

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Placed under plants these mats will help to suppress weed growth, retain soil warmth and moisture, improving plant growth. They will also keep lower leaves dry and help protect ripening berries from soil, mud splashes and slugs. Ideal for strawberries, lettuces and newly planted shrubs and roses. Our large mats will last for several seasons, are biodegradable and great value for money.

When used with strawberries the mats will help keep strawberries free from botrytis (grey mould) while acting as effective slug barrier.

How to use: After firming-in and watering the plant, level the soil around the plant base. Hold the leaves clear of the soil, ease open the mat along the slit and slide the mat under the leaves.

Size: 25 x 25cm/10 x 10in.

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Rosalie Morrison

Ideal for keeping fruit away from soil. Perfect for job.