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Autumn Planting Garlic Collection

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Allium sativum ophioscorodon, Allium sativum

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This super saver Collection consists of 3 packs, 1 each of the following varieties:

Garlic Caulk Wight 2 bulbs (hardneck)- Our tastiest and spiciest garlic yet! Originating from Eastern Europe, this purple skinned hardneck type was selected due to its large and plump cloves, which are easy to peel, and its strong and vigorous habit. It grows particularly well in our relatively soft UK climate, having been trialled successfully in the north and south, but can withstand temperatures down to -20°C.

Early Purple Wight 2 bulbs (softneck) -We are pleased to welcome this garlic back. These large purple bulbs are possibly the first of the season, ready from mid May to early June. The large purple bulbs dry quickly and should be used as soon as harvested - certainly within 3 months.

Garlic Solent Wight 2 bulbs (softneck) -The best keeping garlic we know, the bulbs can last as long as the following March after lifting them in July. This superb, softneck strain yields large, high quality bulbs with a fragrance which is both long and strong.

These varieties are perfect for autumn planting – tried and tested, we know that they perform well. We choose only the finest quality bulbs. Each year we work with our friends at the Garlic Farm, one of the world’s leading garlic farms, and all of our garlic is sourced from them ensuring we always supply superior top quality garlic from expert growers.

You should always buy garlic from a reputable source and never plant shop bought, cooking garlic. All of our bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

Planting & Harvesting

  • Sow Indoors
  • Sow/Plant Outside
  • Flowers/Harvest

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