All Year Round Oriental Greens Veg Seed Collection

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These tasty varieties will give great new winter greens and are perfect for steaming to accompany all of our traditional winter meals. They should have a minimal cooking time to preserve the plant structure they will turn mushy if cooked too long (just like spinach). Great versatility too as young leaves are great in salads or larger ones in stir fries. Sow all year round but for autumn and winter sowings they need to be sown in cell trays on the windowsill from October and planted out into the greenhouse, tunnel or cloche once established. They will then grow away slowly for mid-winter and early spring greens. Outdoor sowings can be made from March to September and maturity times speed up with the rising temperature.

You will receive 5 packets, 1 each of the following varieties:

Chinese Cabbage Kiseki F1 - Easy to grow and versatile, with crunchy ribs and tasty leaves, delicious steamed, stir fried, or eaten raw in salads. Shows clubroot and mildew resistance for healthy summer and autumn crops.

Japanese Spinach, Hohei F1 - This hybrid komatsuna is perfect for following the tomatoes in the cool greenhouse. Perfect as a spinach or steamed cabbage type green at maturity, the rounded leaves are an attractive medium-dark green. (baby leaves are also great raw in salads). Good upright growth (Hohei means soldier and it was so named due to the erect plant and ability to work).

Mizuna, Waido - Very fast growing and cold tolerant, this erect plant has pale stems and a mild flavour. Fine raw in salads but great as steamed veg or in stir fries. In winter it is perfect for baby leaf or teen leaf growing and some regrowth will occur after cutting so it has a "cut and come again" characteristic.

Pak Choi, Yuushou F1 - Great for cool weather growing, Yuushou is a green stemmed variety with robust and heavy heads. The leaves are great in salads or steamed as a winter vegetable as an alternative to other brassicas.

Pak Choi Blizzard F1 - British bred Blizzard F1 is slower to bolt in our summers than many varieties. The heads mature quickly and are just the job for stir fries and many other Oriental dishes. If preferred, it can be sown all year round under glass for baby leaf production.

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