All Purpose Feed Natural Fertiliser Pellets 12.5kg

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12kg Box

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The pallets are the by-product of anaerobic digestion, a method of producing green energy: Gas, Electricity & Heat. Made from just three plants, that are renewable, sustainable, carbon dioxide capturing and vegan. Natura Grow’s feed pellets are made from crop plants grown within a 20 miles radius of the production site in Cambridgeshire. Energy used in production is all self-generated.

 The Natura Grow pellets are essentially dried concentrated plant based organic matter. Once applied to the soil surface or incorporated they get to work, slowly releasing nutrients and expanding and reconstituting back into a friable organic matter.

• Free from weeds, peat, and any chemicals. 

• Contain no animal derived products or contaminants from green waste composts. 

• Are suitable for Vegan gardeners.

• Safe to be used around wildlife, pets, and children.

• NPK 8-3-10 plus micro-nutrients. 

• Cardboard packaging – no plastic liner. 

• Clear info-grams on where & how to use. 

1ltr of pellets rehydrates to 2.5ltr of organic matter. 

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