D.T. Brown’s Tomato Fertiliser and Biostimulant No 7

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Improves plant defence performance.

A unique formulation with a good balance of macro and micronutrients plus Chitosan to create a healthy micro-biological environment, boosting plant defences, ensuring improved root, plant, and fruit development. N:P:K 3.9:3.2:6.0

  • Enhances plant resistance against environmental stress.
  • Boosts plant growth and yields by stimulating nutrient uptake.
  • Increases crop uniformity and yields.
  • Stimulates better root, flowering, and fruit development.
  • Improves overall fruit quality and heightens drought-resistance.
  • Improves soil fertility, structure and lessens the need for chemical fertilisers.
  • Speeds up decomposition of organic soil material into natural humus.

Mixing Directions and Application Rates

Shake well before use, 1 capful = approx 15ml (3tsp).

For can watering 2 Litres bottle will make 333 Litres of ready to use solution at the dilution rate of 30ml (2 capfuls ) per 5 Litres of water.

For foliar feed 2 Litres bottle will make 533 Litres of ready to use solution at the dilution rate of 15ml (1 capful ) per 4 Litres of water.

Planting out : Apply 2 Litres of diluted solution per plant, immediately after planting.

During growing : season Apply 2 Litres of diluted solution per plant each week.

Once first flower truss is set, using spray or watering can rose, thoroughly douse foliage, including undersides of leaves. Avoid spraying the flowers. Use the remaining solution on compost/soil area.

This special formula is ideal for other crops including cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, soft fruit and flowering plants. The same application rates apply.

IMPORTANT – Not to be ingested. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash hands after use. Store in a safe, dry place away from children, animals, and foodstuffs. Wash all edible plants before eating. Non-Toxic.

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