Rootgrow Tomato Starter

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6 Biscuit Pack

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These 100% peat free, compact biscuits provide essential biology, which would otherwise be missing from compost or bagged substrates: a dose of slow release nutrients and seaweed meal to stimulate the microorganisms. The biscuits, which are formed from compressed coir, expand on contact with water releasing the biologicals and nutrients to where they are most needed.

Starter biscuits contain five active ingredients:

1. Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi – form a relationship with the roots of plants producing a secondary root system, helping support the plant through establishment, improves flowering and fruiting and aids recovery from drought (under watering)

2. Beneficial soil bacteria – these will help fix nitrogen from the air providing a steady source of this vital nutrient

3. Up to four months of slow release nutrients

4. Seaweed meal to aid root development

5. Bio-additives – A blend of natural additives including humates and biochar to feed and harbour beneficial soil microbes

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