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Winter Lettuce Plant Collection

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40 plants, 10 of each variety

Lactuca sativa

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A good range of tastes and textures to grow over winter to give fresh lettuce early next season. 40 lettuce plants, 10 of each variety

Valian - A popular Little Gem type which is perfect for growing in an unheated greenhouse to provide sweet and crunchy heads from autumn to early spring. Good disease resistance.

Brighton - Very hardy and the perfect variety for planting out in September. It will reliably provide tasty and delicious hearts during winter.

Winter Density (Cos) - Lettuce Winder Density is the classic of winter lettuces. Winter Density is larger than Little Gem and packs a pleasing flavour alongside bigger size. A splendid cos lettuce, it remains our most popular winter lettuce variety.

Navara (Butterhead) - Lettuce Navara is a shiny dark red oakleaf variety which produces medium sized heads on compact lettuce plants. Navara internal lettuce leaves are a rich green, plus they are resistant to lettuce leaf aphid and Downy Mildew 1-26.

Following on from our summer cropping range, our autumn and winter cropping varieties will ensure you have a tasty and delicious selection of vegetables to harvest from autumn through to next spring. As for our summer range, all are grown at our nursery, in their own cell of compost, and have been selected for their flavour and reliability. Despatches will begin in September for immediate planting.

You will be impressed by their quality and the speed with which they establish and grow after transplanting, giving you the satisfaction of home grown vegetables. Top quality varieties, professionally grown, delivered at just the right time and in perfect condition for growing on in your garden, allotment or greenhouse, with complete, easy-to-understand growing hints – just what you would expect from D.T. Brown.

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