Tomato Heritage Collection Vegetable Plants

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Solanum lycopersicum

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Whilst breeders are always looking to improve on existing varieties and develop new ones, the rush of progress sometimes leaves a real gem behind... and these three 'golden oldies' are well worth growing as excellent varieties in their own right and not just because of their antiquity.

Our heritage Tomato collection consists of 1 plant each of the following:
Bloody Butcher - Sorry about the name, but it’s really strong, 'red-blooded' tomato taste makes up for it. The red skinned, medium sized fruits have dark red flesh. Grow outdoors or indoors. Indeterminate.
Cream Sausage - Ideal for making salsa or pasta sauce, the elongated, sausage-like fruits have a very good flavour. It is also a prolific cropper. Outdoor variety. Determinate.
Pink Brandywine - If your idea of a proper tomato is a chunky beefsteak type, you will enjoy this deep pink variety. Just the job for man-sized sandwiches or grilled as part of a hearty breakfast. Outdoor variety. Indeterminate.

Our 9cm Potted Vegetable Plants
Over recent seasons we've switched several of our veg varieties from smaller plug plants to 9cm potted plants and had nothing but positive feedback. These larger plants are more vigorous with large, robust root systems and they travel better and establish more quickly than plug plants.

Our Vegetable Plants
If you do not have the time or the facilities for raising your own vegetable plants from seed, let us save you the hassle with our expertly grown vegetable plants. Delivered at just the right time and in perfect condition for growing on in your garden, allotment or greenhouse. You will be impressed by their quality and the speed with which they establish and grow after transplanting, giving you the satisfaction of home grown vegetables. Top quality varieties, professionally grown, delivered for your convenience with complete, easy-to-understand growing hints-just what you would expect from D.T. Brown.

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