Supersonic Strawberry Sweetheart Fruit Plants

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Fragaria x ananassa

From 29th May 2024.

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Grow Your Own British-Bred Strawberries in less than one month with our “Supersonic” Strawberry Plants!

We’ve tapped into a commercial production method, used by professional growers, which enables plants to fruit within 30 days from the point of planting – yes, fruit in less than a month!

This unique method of production begins in September and October when plants are lifted from the field with the flower initiation process already started – they are then frozen in suspended animation. The next process happens around the middle of April when the plants are thawed, potted and grown on for 30 days at our nursery.

By the middle of May the plants are well developed and have just 30 days of growth remaining, to the first sweet and juicy berries being ready for picking – just in time to serve at the start of Wimbledon!

Strawberry Sweetheart is a modern variety bred at the famous East Malling Research in Kent, and has proved to be one of the best strawberries to offer in this way. Its sweet and juicy berries are conical in shape and have good colour with a taste that's just delicious. The plants have a good habit and the fruit is well displayed making them easy to pick.

The plants will fruit whether planted in the ground, container, window box or hanging basket – they are incredibly versatile and so easy to grow and taste sublime – growing your own, British-bred strawberries has never been easier!

Supplied as well established 5cm plug plants

Planting & Harvesting

  • Sow Indoors
  • Sow/Plant Outside
  • Flowers/Harvest

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