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Strawberry Sweetheart Super-Charged Fruit Plants

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Fragaria x ananassa

From 22nd October 2023

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Summer simply wouldn't be summer without strawberries. You can buy them all year round in supermarkets but, even in season, they're expensive and never taste as good as freshly picked home-grown fruit. Given how easy they are to grow, why not sidestep the expensive shop-bought punnets and give them a try at home? Start now with our super-charged plants and you’ll be harvesting a huge fruitful crop come June!

We have been growing on these strawberry plants all summer on our specialist nursery so that by late September you will receive super-charged plants with extra-large crowns that will establish through the winter and burst into life in the warmer spring months. Planting at this time of the year is perfect to get the plants established - the ground is still warm from the summer sun and just before the colder months set in. With the flower initiation process already started the plants will then have a rest through the worst of our winter weather before a super-charged burst of growth in the spring.…then just sit back and expect an outstanding crop of lovely bright berries!

Strawberry Sweetheart is a modern variety bred in Kent and has proved to be one of the best strawberries to offer in this way. Its sweet and juicy berries have good colour with a taste that's just delicious.

Planting & Harvesting

  • Sow Indoors
  • Sow/Plant Outside
  • Flowers/Harvest

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