Peat Free Seed Compost 10ltr

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Peat Free Seed Compost (One block makes 10ltrs)
Peat free, coir-based seed compost with a light crumbly texture. Specifically formulated to support seed germination and good root development essential for healthy plants.
- Tried and tested by our experts
- Formulated to give your seeds the best start
- Contains slow-release nutrients and Seaweed to give the perfect balance of feed from germination to seedlings
- Retains moisture

Our coir is produced as a by-product of coconut processing. It’s ethically sourced from sustainable sources. Coir is blended from a mix of large and fine fibres to create the ideal medium for seeds to germinate and develop. High quality slow-release fertiliser and seaweed powder are added to provide just the right level of nutrients for seed growing. 

Supplied in a bio-degradable bag in which to re-hydrate the compost. 
How to use: 
- Remove the card sleeve and recycle when finished with.
- Unwrap the bag from around the compost block and open out, keeping the compost in the bottom. 
- Add 3 litres of clean, lukewarm water.
- Leave for 5 mins to allow the water to soak into the block
- After 5 mins mix up the compost, breaking up any lumps. Add more water if necessary. Compost is ready to use.

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