Parsnip White Gem Seed Tape

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6m Seed Tape

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Medium size roots with cream coloured flesh and a really good flavour make White Gem one of the best older varieties. A popular variety which shows some resistance to canker.

Seed fill: 200

Seed Tapes and Mats are really ingenious idea, and although a fairly recent innovation they are proving to be very popular amongst gardeners of all ages. Using a unique production process, the highest quality seed is spaced between two layers of specialised paper which is then crimped at the edges to form a tape.
How does it work?
The seed is equally spaced along the tape which reduces the need for thinning, saving you time, effort and a potentially sore back! They are much easier to handle than tiny, fiddly seeds and can be cut to a size to suit your plot. Simply prepare your soil as you would for any seed bed, make a shallow drill, lay down your tape watering it as you go along (this stops the tape blowing around and helps breakdown the paper), cover with a thin layer of dark compost and water in well.

Some of the seed in our sale has a shorter sow by date and you may get packets stating sow by December 2024.   We can reassure you that all the seed is quality tested and 100% guaranteed until the end of the Sow by Date. 

In fact, our sow by dates are conservative, and if seed is stored well in a cool dry place they will almost certainly last significantly longer and still give good germination for a year or two more.

Planting & Harvesting

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  • Flowers/Harvest

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