Outdoor Tomato Plant Collection

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Solanum lycopersicum

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The good news is that it is possible to grow good tomatoes outside in the UK, think of the sunniest spot in your garden and squeeze a few tomato plants in! Do you like a big variety to slice in a cheese and tomato sandwich, a favourite for salads or do you like little cherry varieties to pop in your mouth as you sit in the garden?

This outdoor tomato plant collection offers great value for money and contains 3 x 9cm potted plants which are all indeterminate types suitable for outdoor growing. You will receive 1 plant each of the following varieties:

Gardener's Delight (Medium) - Perfect indeterminate variety for indoor and outdoor growing. It has a huge following among those who love these small, sweet, juicy fruits. The plants are vigorous and crop well every year. A real star!

Marmande AGM (Beefsteak)- The fruits won't win prizes for beauty, but the flavour is what matters and Marmande has it in abundance! The fruits are large, early and contain few seeds. Semi-determinate.

Moneymaker (Medium) - A grand old favourite which is easy to grow and gives a reliable heavy crop of medium sized fruits with a lovely flavour. Can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indeterminate.

Almost too well known to need an introduction, our love affair with tomatoes has never been stronger. Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes and there is always a space for a few varieties, whether indoors in the greenhouse, outside in the garden or on the patio. We will sow the seed, nurture the seedlings and pot them on so that you will receive large 9cm potted plants ready for planting into growbags, greenhouse borders, outside or into baskets. You just need to choose which of our tried and tested traditional or disease resistant modern varieties you want and when and we'll do the rest!

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