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Long Harvest Garlic Bulb Collection

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Allium sativum ophioscorodon, Allium sativum

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This super saver Long Harvest Garlic Bulb Collection consists of 3 packs (2 bulbs per pack) of best garlic varieties, giving you continuous crop from late May to August, and a saving of £4!

Garlic Extra Early Wight (Hardneck) - This is the earliest variety of garlic to harvest we know of! From an autumn planting you could be harvesting fresh garlic from as early as late May! White skinned with clean, brilliant white flesh, it tastes delicious.

Garlic Rhapsody Wight (softneck) - This superb softneck garlic develops into bright, large, bulbs that lift themselves up out of the ground as they swell, exposing wonderful deep purple streaks and mottling. Historically originating from the village of Cadours in south west France as ‘Violet de Cadours’, Rhapsody Wight has been re-selected and developed over several years to ensure it performs well in our UK climate. This new garlic has a fresh, zingy flavour, perfect for all your favourite recipes, and is also excellent harvested ‘green’. The earliest of all purple garlic – ready from June if planted at the ideal planting time of October or November.

Garlic Carcassone Wight (Harneck) - This was the best hardneck variety in the trials on the Isle of Wight! Perfectly suited to UK conditions, it grows with great vigour to yield exceptional pink cloves and a good skin cover. Splendidly fragrant cloves and a flavour that carries through well into cooking. Expect 50-70mm bulbs in July.

These varieties are perfect for autumn planting – tried and tested, we know that they perform well. We choose only the finest quality bulbs. Each year we work with our friends at the Garlic Farm, one of the world’s leading garlic farms, and all of our garlic is sourced from them ensuring we always supply superior top quality garlic from expert growers.

You should always buy garlic from a reputable source and never plant shop bought, cooking garlic. All of our bulbs are certified as disease and virus free.

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