Grazers Rabbits, Pigeons & Deer Deterrent Concentrate

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From 2nd June 2024.

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This concentrate will treat up to 1000sq m when diluted. Grazers is NOT a pesticide and is therefore safe to pets, wildlife and the environment.
It contains a specific calcium chloride solution plus other safe ingredients.
Grazers is an effective and easy solution to prevent damage caused by grazing rabbits, pigeons, deer & geese. Is ideal to use in gardens, allotments and areas where children and pets are playing.
Grazers has appeal for both the garden lovers who do not want their plants destroyed, and the environmentalists who detest chemical damage to the environment.
How to use:
Spray directly on to the foliage. The plants will be unpalatable for the rabbits, pigeons, deer and geese.
• Safe to use on edible and ornamental plants
• Used successfully by farmers & growers since 1999
• Strengthens & stimulates growth
• Lasts up to 6 weeks
• Harmless to pets & people
• Also found to be effective against mice, voles & squirrel damage

The recommended spray interval is 4 weeks, however this can be modified e.g. in situations where treated grass is mown, plants are watered or periods of prolonged heavy rainfall follows spraying, repeat applications may be needed sooner.

Usage on new plants: Spray at least twice prior to planting (allow leaf to dry between sprays). Spray again once planted. Avoid spraying in bright sunlight.

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