Codling Moth Trap & Refill Pack

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1 Trap, 1 Refill Pack

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This money saving pack contains one each of Codling Moth Trap and Codling Moth Trap Refill Pack, giving you a saving of £2! Contents (sufficient for one season): 2 lures, and 2 sticky basses.

Key Benefits
- Trap design to exclude wild birds.
- Last the whole season
- Pheromone attractant lures male moths
- Beneficial insects are NOT attracted.

Codling Moth Trap

The major cause of maggot’s damage to apples and pears is the caterpillar of the Codling Moth. Control of this pest in the garden is very difficult using insecticides unless they are applied shortly after egg laying. The trap uses the pheromone scent of the female moth to attract and catch male moth. This provides a warning as to if and when control measures are needed.

Codling Moth Trap Refill Pack

Allows the use of the Codling Moth Trap for a second season. Contains 2 lures and 2 sticky inserts.

When to use:
In most seasons’ moths fly and mate on warm nights from late May until the end of July, although in some year’s activity may continue until well into August. The trap should be placed in the garden soon after the middle of May. If in doubt hang the trap after the petals begin to fall.

1 trap should monitor up to 5 average size trees with a range of 15m/50ft of the trap. It should be hung at around head height on the windward side of the tree.

Made in the UK, endorsed by RHS.

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