Coco Grow Seed and Cutting Compost 75ltr

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Natural and 100% PEAT FREE - made from 100% Natural Coconut husks, after harvesting, it is stored, ground, washed, dried, and compressed. Coco Coir is a natural by-product of the coconut farming industry and causes minimal impact on the environment and it is the most environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss.

Perfect for seed sowing and potting on young seedlings and plants. Use for rooting plant cuttings and growing them on. Add to other composts for growing on and planting up.

Key Benefits:

- 100% peat-free

- pH and nutrient balanced

- Sustainable and environmentally friendly, from natural renewable sources, biodegradable

- Easy to handle, uniform in composition, odourless

- Better water retention, long lasting

- Provides good drainage / good aeration

- Free of bacteria and weed seeds

- Absorbs water readily and re-wets easily, reducing the need for wetting agents

- Can be reused repeatedly

- Promotes fast seed germination

- Encourages beneficial plant microbes,

- Compressed, nutrient-free, Eco-friendly & Organic

- Soil Association Approved

- 100% natural: 80% coir, 20% Perlite Mix,

- Sustainable and environmentally friendly, lightweight, compact, easy to post

- Recyclable and 100% compostable packaging

Size: 30 x 13 x 30cm when compressed. Simply put your compressed Coco Coir Seed and Cutting compost brick in a container, add 25ltr water and let it sit until the water is absorbed (approx. 20min). Fluff it up and you are ready to use it. After adding water, the brick expands in to 75ltr of ready to use compost.

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