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Climbing French Bean Veg Plant Collection (Late Despatch) Collection

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18 x garden ready plants

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This fantastic collection contains 18 plants, 6 each of the following varieties:

Climbing French Bean Borlotto - Attractive enough to be grown at the back of flower borders. It can be used fresh, when steaming helps to retain the colour, or more traditionally shell the beans, dry them and use during autumn and winter in a wide range of warming dishes.
Climbing French Bean Cobra - Definitely one of our favourite varieties! As easy to grow as runner beans, Cobra is really heavy cropping with masses of dark green stringless beans with outstanding flavour. A real taste of summer.
Climbing French Bean Violet Podded - Dramatic, very darkly coloured, attractive pods. The flavour is outstanding and it is slightly earlier cropping than runner beans.

If you do not have the time or the facilities for raising your own vegetable plants from seed, let us save you the hassle with our expertly grown vegetable plants. Delivered at just the right time and in perfect condition for growing on in your garden, allotment or greenhouse. You will be impressed by their quality and the speed with which they establish and grow after transplanting, giving you the satisfaction of home grown vegetables. Top quality varieties, professionally grown, delivered for your convenience with complete, easy-to-understand growing hints-just what you would expect from D.T. Brown.

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