Caliente Mustard 199 Green Manure Seeds

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The incorporation of green plant tissue into the soil is an ancient practice known as 'green manuring'. Green Manures are used to disrupt pest and disease life cycles, improve soil fertility and nutrient levels and suppress weeds. There are many crop varieties that can be used, however Caliente Mustard 199 is one of the very best as it has a number of additional advantages.

How does Caliente Mustard green manure work?

A naturally occurring gas (Isothiocyanate) is released when the plant cells are crushed or finely chopped and dug-in, soil borne pests and diseases are then suppressed by a process called bio fumigation. Simply prepare your bed and broadcast the seed rolling will improve germination), apply a high nitrogen feed immediately after sowing and keep well watered. Once the crop is ready for incorporation (up to 2 weeks after the first bloom), chop as finely as possible using a strimmer or rotary mower and immediately dig-in to a depth no greater than 15cm to ensure that the natural gases don't escape.

Covers approx.70sq.m (84sq. yards)

Some of the seed in our sale has a shorter sow by date and you may get packets stating sow by December 2024.   We can reassure you that all the seed is quality tested and 100% guaranteed until the end of the Sow by Date. 

In fact, our sow by dates are conservative, and if seed is stored well in a cool dry place they will almost certainly last significantly longer and still give good germination for a year or two more.

Planting & Harvesting

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