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4 x 1.5 Litre Potted Plant

Vaccinium species

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An easy to grow blueberry collection to beat all others, selected to give the longest and highest yielding blueberry harvests.

Containing the 4 most productive and reliable croppers, harvesting starts with the earliest Earliblue, continues with early to mid season Duke, then mid to late season Bluegold and finally Elliott, one of the very best extra-late varieties. Although self-fertile, growing these four varieties together further maximises pollination producing the biggest possible crops.

Blueberry Earliblue - An extra early-season variety known for its large juicy berries, Earliblue is, as the name suggests, quick to ripen for the earliest crops of delicious fruit. Forming in mid-sized clusters on vigorous, upright bushes, suitable for large containers. Especially useful in areas of Alkaline or 'Sweet' soil, as blueberries are acid loving shrubs and grow best in ericaceous soils.

Blueberry Duke - A hugely popular early to mid season cropping variety for consistent and reliable harvests of high quality, light blue berries, even poor growing seasons and cooler regions. Berries are full of flavour and have a pleasing, firm texture. With relatively upright, dense growth, Blueberry Duke is suitable for large containers. Especially useful in areas of Alkaline or 'Sweet' soil, as blueberries prefer acid, ericaceous soils.

Blueberry Bluegold - A heavy cropping mid to late season variety with medium to large berries noted for their firmness and flavour. With clusters of white flowers in early summer, and colourful autumn leaves they also make attractive specimen shrubs for large patio containers. Container growing is particularly useful in areas of Alkaline or 'Sweet' soil, as blueberries will grow best in acid soils, or ericaceous composts.

Blueberry Elliott - A high quality, late-season variety for outstanding yields of medium-sized fruit. One of the latest cropping of all blueberries, with attractive white flowers in summer, and red to orange leaves in autumn, they also make lovely specimen shrubs for large containers or ornamental borders. Container growing is recommended in areas of 'Sweet' Alkaline soil, as blueberries prefer acid soils, or ericaceous composts.

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