Autumn Planting Broad Bean and Pea Seed Collection

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This super saver seed collection consists of 2 packets of our best autumn sowing varieties available: Pea Douce Provence and Broad Bean Superaguadulce, giving you a saving of £2!

Sowing broad beans and peas in the autumn is the only way to guarantee an early spring harvest at a time of year when there is little else cropping. Not only can you enjoy the unbeatable taste of freshly picked beans and peas as early as May, but the plants are often advanced enough to avoid the worst of the spring pests such as black fly and pea and bean weevil.

Seed can be sown directly into the ground up to early November provided it’s not too cold and damp, however it’s often best to start them off in Rootrainers (see below) in a cold greenhouse and plant them out at the true leaf stage. The young plants will need protection from slugs and may need covering with fleece over winter in cold or exposed areas.

Pea Douce Provence - An old and trusted variety, well worth growing today. Perfect for overwintering to give you very sweet and succulent peas from May. No need for support. (Round seeded). Height: 45cm/18in.

Broad Bean Superaguadulce - This classic white-seeded variety is one of the best for autumn sowing. They will withstand the worst of winters and will give an early crop of well filled pods on compact plants.

“Over the years I‘ve found Broad Bean Superaguadulce and Pea Douce Provence to be the hardiest and most reliable of the autumn planting varieties. They have an excellent flavour too”.

Planting & Harvesting

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