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How To Grow Peppers From Seed

How To Grow Peppers From Seed
Both sweet and chilly peppers have increased in popularity over recent years. Both are grown in a similar way to tomatoes; chillies are easier to grow. They produce a better crop when grown in a greenhouse or frame.

Sow at 65-70°F (18-21°C). For greenhouse cultivation sow from mid-February to early April. For outdoor cultivation sow in late March.

Transfer plants to 9in (23cm) pots of good compost in late April (heated greenhouse) or mid-May (unheated greenhouse); or plant 18in (45cm) apart if growing in the soil. Warm outdoor soils with polythene or cloches two weeks before planting out at the end of May/early June and keep young plants covered for a further two weeks. Stake and tie in plants as they grow. Water regularly and feed with a high potash liquid fertiliser once the fruit set. Mist the foliage regularly with tepid water to discourage red spider mite and to help flower set.

Pick the fruit as required when it is green, swollen and glossy.

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