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Growing & Preserving Herbs

Growing & Preserving Herbs

How To Grow Herbs

Herbs are generally undemanding and easy to grow. Many can be grown in pots and containers or together in beds and herbaceous borders. Most benefit from a sunny position in free draining soil and will need protection from cold winds. The majority of kitchen garden herbs originate from the Mediterranean and Middle East so heat and light are important factors for successful growth. Pick regularly to keep plants compact.

How To Preserve Herbs

To dry herbs, hang them in an airing cupboard or other warm place for a week or so, then keep them at room temperature until they are completely dry and brittle. The dry leaves can then be crushed up and stored in air-tight containers until they are ready to be used.

You can also preserve fresh herbs by chopping them up and filling an ice cube tray, top up with water and freeze, add the frozen ‘herb cubes’ directly to your dishes as required.

Top Green Tip : Drying fresh herbs in the dark will help the leaves retain their colour.

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