Customer Top Tips

Customer Top Tips For Growing Beetroot

Customer Top Tips For Growing Beetroot
We ran a survey and asked our valued customers to submit their top tips for successfully growing beetroot.

Some have been featured in our catalogues but we thought we would share these online...  We must add that we haven't tried all of the hints and tips below but it may offer some insights to how other growers approach sowing and growing beetroot.

  • Use seaweed extract in your watering regime every so often.
  • Add a little salt to the soil/water with a teaspoon of road salt added to two gallons of water.
  • Grow a modern 'Monogerm' variety (like Beetroot Moneta) for quick and delicious beetroot. Less thinning and fewer attacks by insects.
  • Sow seeds generously and use baby thinning’s for green salads and more mature leaves for a cooked vegetable. One row of beets can be very productive!
  • Beetroot needs a good well manured soil as they are greedy feeders. Water well when sowing directly outside to get the plants moving.
  • For a much longer harvest season choose an F1 variety that is really slow to bolt go woody.

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