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Care & Cultivation Of Honeyberries

Care & Cultivation Of Honeyberries
The Honeyberry is a species of Honeysuckle that produces sweet, tasty fruit. The fruit is similar to a blueberry and is produced early in the season; at least two weeks before strawberries. Exceptionally hardy with an eventual height and spread of 3ft.

Honeyberries are not self-fertile and you will need two plants; each a different variety; for pollination and fruit production. Your two bushes are different varieties. Please note the fruit produced in the first few years after planting can be quite small and sour. Having said this fruit produced after the plants are three to four years old will be larger and sweeter.

Plant in any well-drained soil but avoid areas where water lays on the ground after a hard rainfall; they do not tolerate being in very wet soil. For best fruit production plant in a sunny spot at approximately 4 to 5 ft. apart, setting the root ball just below the surface of the soil.

In the spring and autumn apply a layer of compost, rotted manure or other fertilizer around the base of the plants. In the first 3 to 5 years after planting the only pruning required is to remove any dead branches. In subsequent years, every 2 to 3 years in spring, remove broken branches and thin out any weak and small shoots from the centre of the bush.

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