Viresco Champion's Blend™ Growth Stimulant

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VirescoTM Champions’ Blend is a mixture of six treatments in a ready-to-use pack. It contains granular humic acid growth enhancer, beneficial micro-organisms, mycorrhiza, calcified seaweed, wetting agent and calcined montmorillonite granules.
Viresco Champions’ Blend will improve:
-Root systems,
-Uptake of nutrients,
-Resistance to stress including that caused by pathogens,
-Plant vigour,
-Size/yield of fruit and vegetables.
Full instructions provided.
Many top vegetable growers and exhibitors swear by this range of Viresco microbial and Humate products to steal a march on their competitors. Both ranges give real benefits to all manner of plants in terms of a properly balanced soil, stronger and bigger root systems plus a healthier, more stress resistant plant.
“Up until 10 years ago, I was rarely able to show large exhibition onions due to the ravages of botrytis. In desperation, I started using the Viresco products, starting with Viresco Soluble on the beds. I now grow in large tubs adding Viresco to the growing medium, but also to my potting compost for the onions, leeks, caulis, tomatoes, etc. Since I started using Viresco, I rarely see botrytis on onions or Fusarium on leeks. I have won most of the major championships in recent years and I would now never be without it.” David Metcalfe, Champion Exhibition Vegetable Grower
This 1kg pack of Viresco Champions’ Blend will treat 80ltr of any type of growing medium including peat based and loam based composts. Add 100g of Viresco Champions’ Blend to one bucket (2 gallon) of compost. Thoroughly mix Viresco Champions’ Blend into the growing medium and watch your plants come to life.

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