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Strawberry Elan F1 Fruit Plants

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Fragaria x ananassa

An extremely vigorous variety, Elan F1 is one of the best strawberries for hanging baskets and containers. It will produce a heavy crop of large, very sweet fruits with higher than average sugar levels and a vitamin C content up to 50% higher than other everbearers. Attractive white flowers give this variety great ornamental value too.

What better way to maximise your fruit harvest than with this fantastic, everbearing strawberry? Award winning, F1 variety that has been bred specifically for its vigorous trailing habit and prolific, heavy crops. Elan F1 is deal for growing in hanging baskets, where the pretty flowers will look lovely, and go onto fruit prolifically from June to October.

Easy to grow and maintain, just keep well watered and fed. Growing Elan F1 in baskets will also reduce attack from slugs and rodents! Supplied as young plants.

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